Inspiria cube day 2013


Inspiria cube day 2013 will be held at INSPIRIA science center in Sarpsborg, Norway. This is a casual event and the only requirement for participating is that you solve one of the puzzles in the competition.

When and where

When: 26 january 2013

Where: INSPIRIA science center, Bjørnstadveien 16, 1712 Grålum. Directions.


The following events will be held:


The schedule and timelimits will be updated once we know how many participants there will be.


This will be an official WCA event, so we are subject to the WCA regulations. All competitors are requested to make themselves familiar with the relevant sections before the competition.

Note that competitors will be called on to scramble and judge for each other. So even if you don't plan on breaking any rules, make sure you know them well, so you can spot and penalize infractions should they occur.


You can contact the organising comittee by mail or phone.