Norwegian Rubik's Cube Championship 2012


The Norwegian Rubik's Cube Championship will be held at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. This is a casual event and the only requirement for participating is that you solve one of the puzzles in the competition. There is no registration fee. The first 75 who register will receive a free t-shirt.

When, where, how

When: 18-19 February 2012.

Where: R2, The building of natural sciences (Realfagbygget), Gløshaugen campus, Trondheim, Norway.Maps and directions.

How: For international guests, you can get to Trondheim airport (TRD) from Oslo airport (OSL) with Norwegian, which is probably the cheapest option. Some international carriers offer flights directly to Værnes, most notably KLM from Amsterdam.

To get from the airport to the city, Værnesekspressen is decidedly the best option. Then, getting off at "Gløshaugen Syd" should land you pretty much right outside the venue.


The following events will be held:

Tentative Schedule*


08:45: Registration

09:00 Clock, Magic, MasterMagic, Square-1, Megaminx, Pyraminx

11:00 2x2x2, round 1

11:30 3x3x3, round 1

12:40 Feet, round 1

13:00 BREAK

13:20 3x3x3 BLD

14:00 3x3x3 OH

14:40 4x4x4, 5x5x5

17:00 MultiBLD

19:15 Walk down to Peppes (from R2/3/4)

20:00 Pizza @Peppes **

Clock, Magic, MasterMagic, Square-1 and Pyraminx will have best of 2 under 1 min to continue avg. Megaminx and 4x4x4 will have best of 2 under 3 min to continue avg. 5x5x5 will have best of 2 under 5 min to continue avg.

Sunday - finals

09:00 FM

10:00 3x3x3 OH round 2

10:30 2x2x2 round 2

11:30 3x3x3 round 2

12:00 Feet finale

12:30 BREAK

13:00 Finals (in the following order):

16:30 Awards Ceremony

17:00 The End

*We will try to keep to this schedule, but the actual starting times might differ slightly from the tentative ones. However, the first round of 3x3x3 will not start earlier than announced. In addition to the events already mentioned, it will also be possible to participate in 6x6x6, 7x7x7, 5x5x5BLD and 4x4x4BLD In that case, this would happen in R4 at any time, and you would have to find your own judge.


Our sponsors will provide prizes, and there will be nice prizes to the winners and lucky draws. The prizes:


This will be an official WCA event, so we are subject to the WCA regulations. All competitors are requested to make themselves familiar with the relevant sections before the competition.

Note that competitors will be called on to scramble and judge for each other. So even if you don't plan on breaking any rules, make sure you know them well, so you can spot and penalize infractions should they occur.

**Saturday Night Peppes Pizza

After the competitions saturday night, we will walk down to have pizza in the city centre. If you want to join in on this, you should preregister for that by following the google spreadsheet link at the bottom of this page (you will have to pay about 120NOK for the pizza, and then you can eat as much as you want).


You can contact the organising committee by mail.

Other members of the committee are

Replace (at) with @ in the e-mail addresses before sending.



All participants should answer this pizza form

All participants preregistered before January 10th 2012, have got an email asking them to fill in this form. If you haven't answered it before, just follow the link. It will take you about 45 seconds to fill it out, and it will help us a lot.


For participants traveling from out of town, Trondheim hostel might be an option for a place to stay. Also, if you prefer a piece of the floor in a student housing room, you can contact the organisation committee, and we will accomodate you with a smile (as long as there's space left).


Thanks to our sponsors: