1. The Referee is almighty, and everyone shall obey decisions by the Referee. No appeals. If something is omitted or is unclear on the basis of these rules, the Referee decides what to do.
  2. Dead people don't talk, they just observe and listen. When you are killed, you move your chair out of the circle, this makes it easier for the remaining live ones to get a good discussion going, and to make faster decisions, improving the game quality.
  3. Those executed in the daytime shall reveal their identities. The Referee is the one to reveal the identities of these people, as dead people don't talk (ref. §2).
  4. Those killed by night shall not reveal their identities, this to make it possible for the Mafia to kill one of their own as a diversion, and also to make it more difficult for the Mafia to know whether they have killed the Inspector or not.
  5. The Inspector learns the identities of the Mafiosi from the Referee, and this keeps going until the Inspector knows all the identities of the Mafia, or until the Inspector is killed.
  6. If the Inspector is killed by night before all the identities of the Mafias are known, it is important that the Referee keeps revealing Mafia identities as if nothing has happened, so the Mafia does not learn that the Inspector is dead.





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