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The original rules for "Mafia" were created by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986. He was then an assistant teacher at the Psychological Department of Moscow State University. It was quickly picked up by mathematicians in Hungary , and according to mr. Davidoff, several "waves" of playing this game have propagated from Moscow in the following years.

Since then lots of different versions have circulated around the world, and some have merged more or less with other similar games, like "Murderer", "Murderer in the dark", "Winking murderer", etc. I learned the game first in one version at UKA-95 under the name of "Kasar Khatani". This name is derived from "Commisario Corrado Cattani", who is one of the leading characters in the Italian TV series La Piovra about the Mafia. (A must see, in other words...)

I played another version of the game at the 50th anniversary of Mensa in London in 1996. The 1995 version has spread among different groups at the Student Society of Trondhjem and at Singsaker Studenterhjem in Trondheim, Norway, and has evolved into several different subversions.

This is an attempt to collect information and rules in order to standardize the game, based on my experiences with it the last 2-3 years.
They differ a bit from other sets of rules around the world:

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April 25th, 1998
November 19th, 1998
February 23rd, 1999
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