ISF Independence Day Celebrations at NTNU (15th August, 2013)


Indian Students’ Forum (ISF) is a socio-cultural ,non-profitable, non-political and democratic organization. It is run mainly by Indian students in Trondheim, however membership is open to Indians or people of Indian origin residing in Trondheim.

ISF works to promote social and cultural activities among the Indian students, their families and people of Indian lineage residing in Trondheim. It also serves as a platform for socio-cultural exchange among Indian students, Norwegian students and the international student community in Trondheim and also in Norway. Further, it promotes ties among Indians residing in Trondheim and former Indian residents in Trondheim.

ISF is recognized as an active student organization in town arranging a wide plethora of activities throughout the year. Some of the activities are oriented towards its members while some are open events, inviting the large international audience to have a  taste of colourful India and her traditions.