The membership requires one of the following conditions:
  1. To be a current student, graduate or an employee of NTNU from Iran
  2. To be a family member of people in group 1
  3. To be an Iranian educated or skilled worker in Norway. In this case your membership should be approved by the board
If you have one of the mentioned criteria, you should fill and submit the following form to become an e-member of the association. To gain the full membership one is required to pay the annual fee. The annual fee for [Sep 2017 - Aug 2018] is 50 NOK.

The payment: you can pay in two ways:
  1. Bank account number 4212.04.56428 Iranian Students-Alumni Ass. at NTNU
  2. Using Vipps and pay to the mobile phone number of ISAAN treasurer Nazanin Arab (+47)40472842

As an e-member of the association you will become a member of Facebook group and mailing list, and can attend the association events. But to vote in association general meetings you should have a full membership. Besides, some of the association events may have discount for those who have full membership.

Registration Form

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How are you currently related to NTNU*:
PhD Candidate
Employee at NTNU(e.g. researcher, lecturer - NOT PhD)
Graduated from NTNU (former student or employee)
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Phone No.: +47

Postal Address (In the case we want to send you a gift card):

How would you like to collaborate with the association (e.g. organize social events and parties, take photos, arrange tours, organize courses, play music, etc.)

*I accept the statute of Iranian Student-Alumni Association at NTNU and want to become a member of the association.