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Spring gathering | 2006-04-06 00:39:21

This weekend all the students that will attend Gründerskolen this year gathered for a weekend of professional and informational lectures at Vettre Hotel in Asker. The weekend contained highlights such as a motivational seminar by Stig from Stig&Stein, casework by the Centre of Entrepreneurship at the University of Oslo, the history of an up-start with OxyRide and local information relevant to the various destinations. The program was naturally framed with social activities to let the students start forming networks and friendships both with those going to the same destination and especially with those going other places to work and study this summer.

Precourse: Venture Cup | 2006-03-03 22:50:39

For the students at NTNU it is participation in the business plan competition Venture Cup that in addition to a weekend gathering in Oslo make up the precourse for Gründerskolen. This introduction course aims at preparing the students for their intensive summer program.

Through this course the students will get an understanding of economic terms, accounting principles, financing, marketing, sales, patenting and IP rights, team building and presentation techniques. The students will also learn how to use this knowledge in order to develop a business plan.


The first weeks of June the students travel to their summer internship locations. The present locations for the summer program are (2006): San Francisco (USA), Boston (USA), Singapore (Singapore), London (England) and Johannesburg (South Africa). At these locations the students will be in the care of Innovation Norway and/or the Universities.

Generally the first week is an introduction to the region, its culture, history, customs, business practice and the internship presentations starts at the end of this week. Within 14 days the students have to fix interviews and negotiate with several internship companies. With the internships in place, the summer academic progression will commence. The lectures are usually two nights a week, where the students are trained to write and produce a complete business plan.

The aim of this course is to expose the students to different environments, different levels of stress and to give a close understanding of the work involved in start-ups. We aim to give the students a different outlook and inspire them to think innovatively.

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