TrønDisk is organized by NTNUI Frisbee, and is played in the beginning of November or end of October each year.
More info can be found on the info-page here.

TrønDisk 2014

TrønDisk 2014 was played on 1st november in Dragvoll Idrettssenter. The following teams participated in the tournament: Pancake BSI TFK OSI HiT NTNUI (nonclub) Pickup (nonclub) The tournament was organized in two groups, which played round robin, followed by crossover matches between the second and third in each group. The four best teams would then […]

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TrønDisk 2013

The first tournament of the 2013-2014 series was held in Trondheim the 2nd November. Results: 1. Pancake (PCL) 2. BSI Ultimate 3. NTNUI-Frisbee 4. OSI Ultimate 5. Non-club (NTNUI, BSI) 6. HiT Ultimate Spirit of the game: HiT Ultimate

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