NTNUI Frisbee

NTNUI Frisbee was founded in 2005, and is the only club in Trondheim that plays Ultimate Frisbee. We have weekly practices in Trondheim, and travels to tournaments in Norway to compete in the Norwegian ultimate series.

We are always open for new members, and everyone is welcome to practices; experienced players and complete beginners alike. If you want to join, or are curious about what ultimate frisbee is, do not hesitate to join a practice or get in touch. We have a facebook-group here, where we post information about upcoming practices etc.

For an introduction to ultimate, check out the video below, from World Flying Disc Federation!


NTNUI Frisbee needs you!

NTNUI Frisbee har de siste åra hatt vanskeligheter, etter at et generasjonsskifte har gjort at styret i klubben er ferdige i studiene og har gått over til søsterklubben Trondheim Frisbeeklubb. Det har ikke kommet inn noe stabilt nytt styret, og vi har derfor ikke klart å holde aktiviteten i gang. For å klare å redde […]

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Ultimate Frisbee i Nepal

Vilde Marita Borgerud Elvestrøm var i Nepal med “Gå Ut Senteret”, og fikk med seg noen disker fra NTNUI Frisbee mot å introdusere sporten der. Her kan du lese hva hun har opplevd: Høsten 2016 var starten på et nytt skoleår, noe som betydde ny by, nye muligheter, nye venner og ikke minst en ny […]

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January Ultimate

Hi everyone! I hope there are many new people wanting to play ultimate in 2016 as well! We are currently a bit short staffed, so we havent started up practices just yet, but we’ll do once we are enough people back from holiday. We are planning on teaming up with TFK, so we’ll have practices […]

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Tournament calendar for 2015/2016

Here you can find the dates for the tournaments in Norway during the 2015 and 16 season. Live wire: 26-27. Sept. AKA Arena, Hønefoss The ultimate series: US1: 31. okt, Trondheim Spektrum, Trondheim (TRØNDISK) US2: 05. des, Fjellhamarhallen, Lørenskog (DESEMBERCUP) US3: 20.-21. feb, Haukelandshallen, Bergen (BRAINY DISC) US4: 05.-06. mar, Hønefoss Arena, Hønefoss (FIRE & […]

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Hi guys NTNUI Frisbee has been in a difficult position the last couple of years. None of us in the board are students any more, and we do not have the capacity to run the student club together with Trondheim Frisbeeklubb’s ultimate team. Therefore we want to hold a meeting to inform about the situation […]

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Welcome to Practice

Hello everyone! We are starting the new season with a practice today, Wednesday 12. August, in Dødens dal! Everyone, and especially new players, are welcome! We have practices in Dødens Dal every Wednesday at 1700 We also have indoor practice times in Trondheim Spektrum, from 1930-2100 Tuesdays, and 2130-2300 Thursdays, from some time in September. […]

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TrønDisk 2014

TrønDisk 2014 was played on 1st november in Dragvoll Idrettssenter. The following teams participated in the tournament: Pancake BSI TFK OSI HiT NTNUI (nonclub) Pickup (nonclub) The tournament was organized in two groups, which played round robin, followed by crossover matches between the second and third in each group. The four best teams would then […]

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Want to help out with TrønDisk?

TrønDisk, our tournament played in Trondheim, is fast approaching, and we have some work to do with the organization. Here is a list and description of positions we would like to fill for the tournament. If you would like to sign up for one, send a mail to frisbee-td@ntnui.no. If two or more wants to […]

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Cooperation with Trondheim Frisbeeklubb

Trondheim Frisbeeklubb (TFK) has been playing disc golf in Trondheim for a long time, and is in a way NTNUI Frisbee’s big brother of frisbee clubs in the city. They have are interested in also starting to play ultimate, and we have therefore chosen to unite our forces to get the best possible conditions for […]

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Welcome to a new season

Hello everyone! Summer is over and yet another ultimate-season has started. If you are new to ultimate, and curious about what this sport is all about, feel free to come by one of our practices. We are focusing on Wednesday (17:00, Dødens dal) and Tuesday (20:30 Dragvoll sports center) for now. Everyone welcome! You can […]

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