Debate «The postdoc dilemma – when to stay and when to leave academia?»

The Young Academy of Norway arranges a debate «The postdoc dilemma – when to stay and when to leave academia?».

May 23 at 20:00 in Klubben, Samfundet.

The panel discussion will be held in English and will address different topics and challenges related to the “postdoc career path”. How can you best navigate in and out of academia? How are you to balance between expectations inside and outside academia and for how long? When is it time to let go?

The event is free of charge and useful not only for postdocs, but also for PhDs. The president of DION, Nina Røkkum, will moderate the debate. Read more about the program and register here:

Logo competition winner

During our past AGM we revealed the winner of DION’s logo concept competition. Congratulations to Gabriel Ndlovu who’s submission received nearly 40% of the votes! DION would like to thank all the creative peeps who sent us a total of 46 submissions.
After the change to our statutes last night the new board can introduce the new logo as soon as it has been professionalised.

New DION Board 2018/2019!

Under the Annual General Meeting 2018 at Dokkhuset, new board members of DION got elected.

The old board wants to thanks everyone that promoted their candidacy and wish the new board the best of luck for the year to come!

President 2018/2019

Nina Helen Aas Røkkum

DION Board 2018/2019:

New and old board members of DION.

Steven Hardey
Thea Marie Valler
Lisa Tietze
Besmir Tola
Olena Meleshko
Chris Carr
Davit Gigilashvili

Congratulations to the new board elected for the period 2018/2019!

AGM and Board Elections 2018/2019

DION@Trondheim and DION@Gjøvik 2018 Annual General Meeting & Board Election

All PhD students, post-docs and temporary scientific employees at NTNU are invited to attend DION’s Annual General Meeting!

Meet other young researchers and hear what DION has focused on over the last year and what DION can offer for you. We have invited speakers from NTNU IT and Forskerforbundet to inform us about IT services for PhDs and the role of trade unions for academic employees. A detailed program of the event will be posted shortly.

Information on the 2 simultaneous AGM events

AGM in Trondheim (main event):

AGM in Gjøvik (broadcast)