Seminar “Temporary employment at NTNU – tips and tricks of the trade” for IE, NV, IV and MH faculties

Tekna NTNU and DION are organizing three workshops for four faculties on February 26 dealing with aspects of temporary employment at NTNU. You can choose between

  • 09-11 in auditorium H1, in the Main Building on Gløshaugen
  • 12-14 in R8 (in Realfagsbygget) on Gløshaugen
  • 15-17 in R7 (in Realfagsbygget) on Gløshaugen

This workshop is most relevant for PhD candidates, post doctors and other researchers.

The workshop will deal with working at Norwegian universities compared to other sectors, and give tips and tricks on what to expect when temporarily employed at NTNU.

Both Tekna NTNU and DION will also present how we can help you if you ever run into problems or dilemmas during your time here, and what to be aware of as a temporary employee.

Light refreshments will be served.

The workshop is open to all temporary employees, also if you are not a member of Tekna.

There are a limited number of seats, so sign up to one of these as soon as possible:

9-11 o’clock (H1):–tips-and-tricks-of-the-trade-ie-faculty-37840/

12-14 o’clock (R8) :–tips-and-tricks-of-the-trade—nv-faculty-37843/

15-17 o’clock (R7):–tips-and-tricks-of-the-trade—iv-faculty-37846/

More about the workshop is available on those links as well.

Contact persons: Rune Sætre, Emilie Willoch Olstad, Nina Helen Aas Røkkum

Happy Hour (shuffle board) with DION

It’s time to come together! DION invites PhDs, Postdocs and other temporary scientific employees to join the Happy Hour with shuffleboard (sponsored by us) at Work-Work!

Grab some food and drink or just enjoy the social atmosphere and a game of shuffle board. If you have not tried out shuffle board yet, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a try. We have one table reserved for one hour from 18.30 – 19.30. There is plenty of board games at Work-Work as well 😉 Welcome!

When: 21st February, 18:00-21:00
Where: Work-Work, Munkegata 58

Follow the event on Facebook to stay updated:

Swing Dance Evening with DION 15 Feb

Feeling cold outside and lacking the desire to go skiing? No problem, DION has an amazing event to offer!

When: Friday, 15 Feb, 18:00-21:00
Where: Realfagbyg parketten

Together with NTNUI Swing og Folke Dans, we have the pleasure to host a 2 hour Swing dance evening at the Realfagbyg parketten.
In the first hour the amazing instructors from NTNUI Dans will teach us the basics of Swing, and we will unleash our talent in the second hour.
Come and join us and you will not have any awkward situations on the dance floor anymore 🙂
There is no need to bring a partner but if you have one, feel free to bring them with you.

For information on clothing and shoes, check out:

Fun is guaranteed! Do not hesitate! Save the date and join us!

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Ski day with DION Sat 23 Feb in Bymarka

Join DION  for a cross-country ski day in Bymarka!

Where: Skistua Fjellseterveien, 7020 Trondheim
When: 23 Feb, 11:00

Plan: Meet at Skistua at 11:00, go for ski, meet back at Skistua at 15:00 for some coffee and a chat all together 🙂 . After we will depart on the bus back to the city centre.

Busses run regularly from Kongens Gate, or you can make your own way there.
Those who need to rent skis can do so from Skistua.
When we get there we will split into groups, probably depending on skill level, but just so that we are not too many people all skiing around the place.
For absolute beginners we have a kind volunteer to help you learn.
For those from ‘OK’ to expert, just come along for the social and the chance to improve or show off 😉

DION will cover coffee after the event.

If you are a competent skier and would like to help instruct or organise a group of people please let us at DION know individually. We would really welcome any supervision and help!

ATB bus:

Ski rental:

Follow the event on Facebook: