About us

The interest organization for doctoral candidates at NTNU

DION is an interest organization that works with issues related to PhD candidates at NTNU. DION was founded 1996-02-29. On these pages you will find more information about DION. Please select a info-page from the menu above.


What is DION?

DION is NTNU’s doctoral interest organization. It promotes the interest of doctoral candidate at NTNU by:

  1. Providing a low-threshold contact point for PhD candidates on matters related to education, supervision, regulations, working environment, etc. DION answers some of the cases directly while redirecting other to the right bodies at NTNU, or to the labor unions.
  2. Representing NTNU PhD Candidates interest in local and national politics. DION provides opinion on political decision that affects PhD candidates. We are represented at NTNU research committee and the president is in contact with NTNU leadership. DION acts as an intermediary between PhD candidates and NTNU central administration, and between PhD candidates and the Norwegian labor unions. DION is member of the national doctoral organization SiN (Stipendiatorganisasjonene I Norge)
  3. Organizing and hosting events were PhD candidates can get relevant information from different sources. These events create a platform for interaction for NTNU doctoral candidates.

If you are interested to know more about DION, or to get involved, please feel free to take contact with us.