Annual General Meeting 2016

10. May 2016 - 18:00


Invitation to DION Annual General Meeting and board elections on the 10th of May 2016

Venue: Klubben, Samfundet (Access through the back door)

At 18.00

All PhD students, post-docs, and temporary scientific employees at NTNU are welcome to DION’s Annual General Meeting!

Meet other young researchers, hear what DION has focused on over the last year to make NTNU a better place for PhDs and post-docs, and get tips from this year’s international panel (see below).

Interested in a leadership position? We will also hold the election for the new board for 2016-2017. We encourage all interested PhD candidates and post-docs from across NTNU to consider joining! Candidates will each introduce themselves briefly, and a president and at least four board members will be elected by fellow attendees at the meeting. If you are interested in running for the board, email us at, or introduce yourself in-person at the meeting. A board position on DION can be credited as up to one month of duty work, or one month extension of the PhD project period (Forskrift om stipendiater ved NTNU, §2).

More details about the board election are on our homepage:

Facebook event page: Click here!

International Panel
This year we are happy to feature presentations from NTNUers who have conducted research abroad. They’ll share tips on planning, funding, international collaboration, and language learning and answer your questions! All presentations will be be rapid-fire pecha-kucha style (20 slides, 20 seconds each). This year’s presenters:
– Marius Korsnes, Researcher (HF) – Shanghai, China
– Poonam Rishal, PhD candidate (DMF) – Nepal
– Joost Raeymaekers, Post-doctoral fellow (NT) – Galápagos Islands, African Great Lakes region, Belgium, Netherlands

Tapas will be served at the meeting.
Drinks will be available at member prices.


Meeting summons and agenda: Summons AGM 2016

Election for the 2016-2017 DION Board 10 May 2016/ Valg av Dion-styre 2016-2017

Election for the 2016-2017 DION Board 10 May 2016!

All PhD students, post-docs, and temporary scientific employees are eligible!

The DION Board consists of 5 to 8 members who serve for 12 months (until spring 2017). DION is the only organization at NTNU which represents PhDs and post-docs from across the university. We hold monthly board meetings and discuss wide-ranging questions we receive from PhD students, post-docs, institutes, and the NTNU Board. The primary working language of DION is English, and the DION president should also be fluent in written and spoken Norwegian, since the working language at NTNU is Norwegian.

This is an opportunity to be a leader in the NTNU community and get insight into how the university works. DION is invited to various university events throughout the year and presents at faculties’ introduction seminars for new PhD students. We therefore strive to have the broadest range of disciplines represented on the board to bring diverse perspectives to our discussions.

The election will take place at our Annual General Meeting, 10 May 2016, 6pm at Klubben in Samfundet. To be eligible, board members must have a contract through spring 2017 and receive a one month paid extension of the PhD (or one month paid duty work). The DION president receives two months paid extension/duty work.

NB: If you cannot join the Annual General Meeting, you are still eligible! Send us some info on yourself (academic area, background, motivation, etc.) and a photo, so we can present your information alongside the other candidates.

Send us a message at if you’d like to join next year’s DION Board, or if you have any questions!


Nytt DION-styre velges 10. mai 2016!

Alle stipendiater, post-doc og midlertidige vitenskapelige ansatte er velkommen til å stille!

DION-styret består av 5 til 8 medlemmer som har verv i 12 måneder (fram til våren 2017). DION (Doktorgradskandidatenes interesseorganisasjon ved NTNU) er den eneste organisasjonen som representerer stipendiater og post-doc’er for hele universitetet. Vi avholder månedlige styremøter og diskuterer ulike spørsmål vi tar imot fra stipendiater, post-doc’er, institutter, fakulteter og NTNU-styret. Arbeidsspråket i DION er hovedsakelig engelsk. Leder og nestleder i DION bør derimot beherske norsk flytende, skriftlig og muntlig. Dette fordi arbeidsspråket på NTNU er norsk.

Dette er en nyttig ledelseserfaring som gir innblikk i hvordan universitetet fungerer på alle nivå. DION inviteres til diverse arrangementer ved universitetet, og presenterer på f.eks. introduksjonsseminarer ved ulike fakulteter. Siden det er viktig å sikre perspektiver fra flere disipliner ønsker vi å ha et DION-styre som er bredt representert med styremedlemmer fra mange ulike fakultet.

Styrevalget finner sted på vårt årsmøte (AGM), 10. mai, kl 18 på Klubben på Studentersamfundet. Styremedlemmer må være ansatt fram til minst vår 2017 og får én måneds forlengelse av PhDen (eller én måneds pliktarbeid) betalt av NTNU. DION-leder får to måneder.

NB: Hvis du ikke kan være tilstede 10.mai kan du stille på papir. Det du trenger å gjøre er å sende inn litt info om deg (fagområdet, bakgrunn, motivasjon, osv.) samt et bilde, slik at vi kan vise dette på årsmøtet. Du er da valgbar av de som er tilstede på årsmøtet.

Send gjerne en e-post til hvis du har lyst å bli med i det nye DION-styret, eller dersom du har noen spørsmål!


Bowling with Dion

DION is pleased to invite all the PhDs and PostDocs at NTNU for bowling @Centrum Bowling. Food will also be served after the event. 

Please register using the link below.

The event is free but on first come first serve basis. Hurry up and register. Deadline to register using the link above is Friday 23:00 hrs , 15th April 2016.

To get updates directly from DION, sign up for our newsletter at

Link of the facebook event page for Bowling :

Bowling with Dion

DION meeting, 7. March 2016

The next DION board meeting will be held Monday, March 7, 2016, 14:15 – 16:45pm at Gamle Fysikk building, room 207 (STi room) on Gløshaugen campus.

The meeting is open to any interested parties of the NTNU community, especially PhD students, post-docs, and temporary employees. Welcome!

Agenda: Summons Web Page


DION meeting, 12. February 2016

The next DION board meeting will be held Friday, February 12, 2016, 13:15 – 15:45pm at Gamle Fysikk building, room 207 (STi room) on Gløshaugen campus.

The meeting is open to any interested parties of the NTNU community, especially PhD students, post-docs, and temporary employees. Welcome!