DARLING is the student organization for design and media-related courses at NTNU Gjøvik (media management, media design, media production, web development and master of interaction design). We work to ensure social ties between students remain strong as well as bridging the gap between students and enterprises.

DARLING for students

DARLING put together a number of different events during the semester that media students should be sure to join in on. Some are purely social and just for fun, like movie nights and frisbee golf, while larger events like Mediedagen ("Media day") are meant to prepare students for careeers in media. DARLING mostly communicate via Facebook, som make sure to check in and stay up to speed.

Mediedagen ("Media day")

DARLING's flag ship is arranged during spring semester and every media student is recommended to make an appearance. This day is a golden opportunity to fill up on some hyper-relevant input and getting to know local enterprises. The talks er exciting and definitely worth the time.

Mediegrill ("Media Barbeque")

One of DARLING's larger social event where we attempt to gather media students despite of programs for a day of delicious barbeque and sunshine chats. Usually happens at Fastland, so bringing a bathing suit might be a good idea.


"Julebord" is a Norwegian tradition and can be loosely translated as a "pre-christmas party" usually held by institutions and businesses for their employees. DARLING will be serving traditional christmas food and simple desserts, and keeping the bar open for those interested. After dinner we usually head to the student house HUSET, where we will likely meet students from other programs to party with! Any student attending a media program is automatically a member of DARLING and thus allowed to buy tickets. If you have any questions concerning this year's event, please reach out to us via DARLING's Facebook page.

DARLING for enterprises

DARLING wishes to be a springboard for students eager to get into careers relevant to their field as well as a link for enterprises looking for fresh talent. If you wish to reach out to students at media programs, we encourage you to contact us via our manager or our Facebook page.

Job advertisement

DARLING are happy to redistributes job advertisements and projects to our members. Reach out to our manager or vice manager if you wish to advertise through us and make sure students see it.

Business presentation

DARLING has in many ways undergone a "restart" since the beginning of 2016 and we're still getting sorted out in terms of finding good routines for how to work with businesses regarding presentations, talks etc. Suggestions, ideas, invitations and questions are happily accepted through our managers or our Facebook page.