The following teachers will be teaching at ALF 2018.

Cam and Cat

Cam and Cat

Cam and Cat are a team who love sharing the history, creativity and fun of lindy hop with students all over the world.

Get ready to laugh your pants off whilst swingin’ the frig out! With 25 years combined teaching experience between them and a similarly ridiculous sense of humour, Cam and Cat are dedicated to helping their students improve and to working to a high standard, whilst not taking themselves too seriously. After teaching for the first time together in 2014, they have not looked back!

They love social dancing. They love throwing the hell down Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers style at 300bpm. They love teaching, helping people discover new talents and achieve their perceived impossibles. Most of all, they love making bad jokes. Also Jungle Speed (the greatest game ever). They love that too.

Cam and Cat recently won the Fast and Furious division at London Swing Festival (2015), took first place in the Strictly Lindy at Chase Festival (2015) in Heidelberg, Germany, and made the finals in the Classic Showcase at the International Lindy Hop Championships in Washington, DC (2015).

Adam egle

Adam and Egle

Adam Brozowski: A celebrated voice in the international community, Adam has been Lindy Hopping since 1995. Adam grew up dancing in the energy of the late 90’s having had the honor to learn from and work with some of our greatest legends like Frankie Manning, Norma Miller, Jean Veloz, and the late great Dawn Hampton.

An accomplished tap dancer and theatrical choreographer, Adam has worked as a featured tap dancer on tour in “42nd Street,” Broadway’s largest tap musical. Adam holds numerous titles from events like ILHC, ESDC, The National Jitterbug Championships, Camp Hollywood and HARLEM and is and inductee into the National Jitterbug Championships Hall of Fame.

His classes are focused on rhythm, conversation, equality through music first dancing and a huge appreciation for the balance between history and creativity. Adam is honored to teach in Norway for the first time at ALF 2018!

Egle Regelskis - A serious up-and-comer on the international scene - originally is from Vilnius, Lithuania now teaching and helping French swing scene in Bordeaux to emerge. Dancing was always in her blood. She first tried Ballroom and Folk dances, but it was when she found the family of Swing dances that she knew she had found what she was looking for!

Egle believes that dancing is something that helps people conquer their fears and truly connects them to who they really are. She likes to say: "The way we are is the way we dance, magic happens when we step out of our comfort zone thereby accepting ourselves with all our weaknesses and strengths". And she can walk the walk, you just watch what happens as soon as she hears a good song, no matter if it is swing, salsa, funk, soul, hip-hop or house...

Egle starts dancing, because she just loves good music! She also believes that if one can walk one can dance, everything else depends on passion and willingness to work.

Anna and Jakob

Anna Fors and Jakob Bergelin

Anna and Jakob started dancing separately when they were 9 and 10 years old, they started off with the Swedish dance Bugg before they began with Lindy Hop about 3 years later. But dancing Lindy Hop became the main focus when they started dancing and competing together in 2010. Nowadays they are based in Uppsala Sweden were they work full time with dance.

The style of the Savoy ballroom dancers is their big inspiration witch reflects both in their way of dancing and teaching. They have several merits both Nationally in Sweden and Internationally. The latest ones is 1st place in Lindy Strictly AllStars and Pro Showcase at ILHC and 1st place at the Swedish Championships two years in a row.