There will be combined Lindy Hop and Solo Charleston classes.


There will be the following Levels:

Improvers (Lindy 1)You have been dancing for 3-4 months and know the basic steps and a few figures, you know the difference between Charleston and triplesteps and are eager to learn more. You are improving and having a lot of fun on the social dance floor, and really like the swing- and jazz music.
Intermediate/AdvancedYou have been dancing for one year or more, and are really passionate about the swing rhythms and you just looove the swingout! You know a lot of Charleston, triplestep and groovewalk turns, and you feel relaxed when leading and/or following. You are very interested in new challenges and learning new movements, techniques and rhythms of Lindy Hop
AdvancedYou have been dancing for more than 2-3 years and have already been to quite many workshops throughout Europe and Norway. You are training weekly and an enthusiast at the social dancefloor. You are maybe a local teacher and competitor in Jack n' Jill and Strictly Lindy Competitions.