Neste visning Wednesday 05. November: Kino no Tabi 9-10, Shinsekai Yori: From the New World 21-22, Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo 21-22


-Kishin, 20. Oct 2014

A little heads up

I just found out that Cinemateket (Trondheim Filmklubb) is showing the movie 5 centimeters per second at the cinema:
Thursday 06 of November at 21:00, in Nova 3

-Kishin, 01. Sep 2014


We will be in KJL1 wednesday, because KJL5 was already booked before I got there.

There will be posted arrows and notices in the building.

-Kishin, 19. Aug 2014

Fall 2014 Anime program

We will start the semester by showing Time of Eve, Wednesday the 20th in KJL 5 at 19:30

Afterwards we will be showing:
- Shinsekai Yori
- And yet the Town Moves
- Kino no Tabi
- Gankutsuou: THe Count of Monte Cristo

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