We accept beginners continuously. No previous experience in martial arts or other sports are required. You will not need any special training clothes. Just show up in comfortable and soft training clothes. The traditional white uniform can be bought later, when you have decided that you wish to continue practicing this exciting activity.

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a Japanese martial art with roots going all the way back to the samurai tradition in feudal Japan. Today aikido tries to grasp the same essence of budo, but with emphasis on personal growth and harmony between the practitioners. We don’t fight in aikido, but practice together and, in doing so, we discover the strengths and weaknesses that we all have, both physical and mental. The benefits of doing aikido are many: improved body control and balance, flexibility and (after a while) physical stamina, in addition to self awareness and inner personal growth. The art of aikido is practised on the mat in a physical way, but also has correlates in daily life in terms of handling confrontations in any form. But the most important aspect of aikido is that it’s incredibly fun!

Tekisuikan NTNUI Aikido Club

Our club is affiliated with Aikikai Hombu Dojo through the Norwegian Aikido Federation, and we are a subgroup of NTNUI (the sport club of NTNU) If you already are practicing aikido in a different club and want to join our training sessions you are most welcome. If you are a member of NTNUI everything will go smooth. However if you are not, send us a message, and we will tell the reseptionists that we have guests so that you donĀ“t have to pay the fee for using the sports centre (the aikido session itself is of course free of charge).