Update: Information on this years beginners course is available in the beginners section.

Would you like

  • Training with a purpose?
  • Improved awareness of body and mind?
  • Increased agility and stamina, better balance and a stronger core?
  • To have fun with varied workouts, in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere?
If so, maybe aikido is for you!

Aikido is a modern martial art

based upon age-old Japanese traditions. From its origins in self-defence fighting techniques, it has evolved into primarily being an excersise system for physical and mental self development. An aikido practitioner learns how to be conscious of his/her body and physical potential, but also how to deal with others through non-verbal communication. A typical aikido class centers around practising break falls and stylized defence and attack, providing a versatile workout for the whole body.

We have borrowed this video from our friends at the NOLA Aikido Dojo in New Orleans. It shows our philosophy and manner of practicing aikido.

Video Directed and Edited by Christopher Jeansonne

Camera Work by Patrick Jackson and Christopher Jeansonne

Production Assistance and Sound Recording by Daneeta Jackson